Mecmesin Gauges dynamometers are structured in three series: AFG "Advanced", which incorporates the highest performance, BFG "Basic", robust and accurate and CFG "Compact" economic series. Maximum capacities range from models of 2.5 N to 2500 N, with resolutions of 0.5 mN to 0.5 N.
They incorporate the latest electronic technology and new ergonomic design.

AFG dynamometer is the most versatile and comprehensive range, and incorporates the possibility of interchangeable load cell.
This feature is ideal for applications requiring the measurement of forces within a very wide range of values.
The use of these dynamometers can be applied manually or through force load application supports manual or motorized, being modular test systems easy to use and great flexibility.

Dynamometers BFG and AFG (mk2, mk3, mk4) of 10N, 25N, 50N, 100N, 250N, 500N, 1000N, 2500N (250 kg)
CFG + COMPACT Mecmesin Dynamometer, load cells, torque cells, TORNADO, ORBIS, Vortex Ncm, Nm
Motorized or manual support column, Versatest, Multitest, Multitest 1d, 2.5d Multitest, Multi-test-i, Multitest-X, Imperial, Vortex, MDD, Dataplot program, AFG-COM, Emperor Lite.
The Vortex is a test machine motorized double-column torque. The speed is set with a rotary controller potentiomer. The total rotation speed or shown in a LCD display. The torque is measured by a transducer static torque and displayed on a display model AFTI.

The new range of MultiTest-d, compression testers and voltage provides testbenches that are manufactured with a rigid aluminum frame. The test banks have a shell made of metal and instruments providing a high level of stiffness and strength, these systems allow you to apply a controlled force at all times giving their position.