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We offer programs and solutions for quality control, SPC and systems for calibration and control for help the repair, maintenance and calibration next.

We operate in several sectors:

- Equipment for monitoring the quality of parts.
  Automotive, packaging

- Machines of measurement 2D / 3Dvision and contact


- Dynanometers, cameras, video scan,  optical…



 Software aquisition: Dataplot, Emperor Lite, DataGraf, SPC Vision, EASYPLOT, CALIGRAPH

- Machines of traction / compression


- Data acquisition to the PC (RS232, USB and Bluetooth)


  SpeedTest, free program comunication data. DownLoad


  DataGraf the easiest and powerful at the best price! DownLoad


- Software CAD/CAM DXF <-> CNC ISO



Camera Based Vision Systems.
The Baty service in dimensional Metrology extends to three dimensional (co-ordinate) measuring with the Baty Venture range of precision measuring equipment. Effective co-ordinate measuring demands both precision mechanics and powerful yet flexible software. The Baty Venture offers all this and delivers exceptional repeatability and reliability. The Baty Venture addresses co-ordinate measuring using modern zoom optics systems and high resolution colour cameras, supported by a fully integrated touch probe facility for measuring those points that are hard to see. The Venture Range combines easy to use feature packed software with sound 3D mechanics and precision optics to produce a 3D multi sensing vision system at a price never before achievable.

Profile Projectors Profile Projectors. We have an extensive range of products from basic comparators right through to fully automatic optical non-contact measuring systems. Applications range from machined metal parts to laser cut ceramics and semiconductor components. With a worldwide network of fully trained, authorised distributors, Baty International provides full after-sales service and support second to none.
Projectors Baty R14 SM350 R600
2 Axis CNC Control
340mm (14") screen with 90 degree crosslines and chart clips
Profile illumination with halogen lamp and green filter
Lens magnification choice: x10, x20, x25, x50, x100
Surface illumination (fibre optic)
Helix adjustment ±7° of light source for accurate thread form projection
Baty VuMaster Venture 3D

Due to the newly patented Colourmap™ scale system, the VµMaster does not have a conventional stage or encoders just a floating
measuring camera that moves anywhere in the measuring range.

The result is fast, accurate, ‘non contact’ measurement over a much larger measuring range – 400mm x 300mm to be exact!

Because the camera moves and the part stays still, there is often no need for expensive and time consuming work holding devices.

* Large 400mm x 300mm measuring range
* Patented measuring technology
* Teach and repeat part programming
* Video edge detection
* Digital zoom
* Fully integrated system – everything is included: built-in
PC, 19" flat screen monitor and printer
* Programmable segmented LED lighting system
* Motorised autofocus
* Image grab

Therefore, a powerful digitizing system should meet the following requirements:

* high measuring accuracy,
* efficient process,
* mobility and flexibility,
* high data density in contoured areas,
* easy to use,
* simple data interface to subsequent processes.

Digitizing of a side panel form
Fig.1: Digitizing of a side panel form

Optical 3D Digitizing

optical digitizer can easily be adapted to special measuring tasks and object sizes in minutes by using different lenses. Thanks to this flexibility, the ATOS system is able to measure objects of various sizes, from filigree die-cast components to complete aircraft.
Quality Control

For quality control, the original master data can be superimposed on the measuring data of digitized parts. Based on such an "As Designed" vs. "As Built" comparison, the user may check whether the tolerances have been met or in which area the part is deformed. Figure 1 shows the digitizing of a tool. The goal was to compare the tool with its CAD model. Modifications during the try-out phase and production launch can be integrated into the CAD model using surface reconstruction.
Quality Control Inspection

Tesa, DEA, Baty, Aberlink
Mitutoyo 3D Vision Systems were specially designed for non-contact measurement and inspection of small, delicate or complex components - workpieces too difficult or problematic to measure using standard microscopes, profile projectors or coordinate measuring machines. Our wide variety of products suit any measurement challenge – from a basic retrofit of your microscope to allow vision measuring to a high-precision, high-speed fully automatic CNC vision system. Mitutoyo's advanced features include a unique programmable fiber optic light ring and programmable power turret tube lens

Added capabilities like integrated touch probe measurement and vision scanning in a single part program or high-accuracy Z-axis measurement using a laser probe enhance your productivity even further. All of these features are powered by our industry-leading open architecture QVPak® software and are supported with our excellent training and service. Find out which model will work for you.

low cost, free version

- Climatic Cameras, projectors of profile, tables XY, clocks, screens, BATY, Aberlink, MECMESIN, VuMASTER, CAD/CAM, LASER/CAM DXF to CNC ISO, Machines of measurement with feeler, Renishaw

- Visualizers of levels 2D, QC 200, QC 300, display XY



Measuring instruments
Electric earth resistance meter